Join Lulla by Lotussenteret digitally in Creating a Morning Routine with Yoga & Meditation! 🧘
Starting Monday 23 November to Sunday 6 December – 14 days ✨
30min Yoga & Meditation
15min Meditation
90min Yin Yoga
23 Nov – 6 Des 2020
Oslo time: 8am
London: 7am
Hong Kong / Bali: 3pm
Sydney: 6pm
USD 100 // NOK 900
Power yoga 💪
is an energetic form of yoga that takes inspiration from vinyasa, it focuses on building strength rather than flexibility, in body and mind.
Meditation ✨
is about focusing one’s mind for a period of time and to disconnect from the external world. It reduces stress, increases mental well-being and enhances self-awareness
Yin yoga 🧘
is a slow-paced style of yoga with mostly sitting or lying postures that are held for longer periods of time. The aim is to slow down the nervous system and increase circulation in the joints
and improve mobility.
Who is it suitable for?
• For all levels and genders.
• If you’re looking to create a morning routine.
• If you’re curious about yoga and meditation.
• If you have home- office or school, or want to try something new.
• Only suitable for pregnant ladies if you know how to make your own adjustments.
What do you get?
• An introduction to yoga and meditation (however, this is not a beginner course to yoga, we will not cover basic postures in detail).
• Stretch, bend, move and strengthen your body.
• An introduction to mindfulness and how to become aware of the present moment.
• Become more aware of your thoughts and be more in control of how they affect what you do and how you feel.
• PDF with tips on how to create a morning routine.
• PDF with the meditation techniques that we cover.
What do you need?
• Yoga mat
• Stretchy & comfy clothes
• Block (useful but not required)
• Facebook – All sessions will be live through Facebook. If you cannot make it live, the recording will be saved in our private Facebook group and you can do it anytime that is suitable for you.
DM us before 21 Nov to sign up and receive more details and access to our private Facebook group 🙏