Velkommen til et spennende arrangement på Lotussenteret i Stavern/ Larvik.

Fredag 7.august 2020 kl 19:00 – 22:00 tar Benedicte Hetty oss med på en fantastisk reise, med en «hellig rå kakao seremoni», ekstatisk dans, der du kan gi helt slipp! Du får også et avspennende lydbad med gonger og andre instrumenter.

Benedicte er Kundalini yogalærer og soundhealer.

Prisen = NOK 400,-
Påmelding; Vipps Benedicte; 40474994
Du har sikret deg en plass så snart du har vippset – senest innen torsdag 6.august 2020 kl 18:00.

På grunn av korona og smittevernstiltak har vi plass til maks 15 personer.
Ta med egen matte, teppe og drikkeflaske. Kle deg i løse, behagelige klær og ta med ekstra genser.

Les også hva Benedicte skriver om arrangementet;

Dear People !
More than ever is it important to come together in A physical place in space and time, to re connect with eachother; to share our authentic expression and to dive into co creation to feel fully alive and to thrive. Never in human history has the entire planet been simultaniously been locked down. The stress and worry around our lives has been very tangible for most of us, having to face the unknow and to have faith in the future of mankind.
We Invite you to be fully smudged, and join us in a circle and let The Sacred Raw Cacao Medicine ( The Elixir of The Gods ) enter your Heart Soul and Body. The Raw Cacao is a powerful medicinal plant from the South American ancestors, used as a way to expand consciousness without the hallucinogenic properties of other jungle medicines. We will work with ceremonial INTENTION; sipping the traditional medicinal warming cacao ritualistically in multi dimensional group energy, that enhances its effect , Calling in New Life Force Energy, letting go of the old that no longer serves your life. It is believed that The Spirit of Cacao has the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul; bringing forth our Ultimate Truth and our Divine Authenticity. Accompanied by the GONGS frequences & Vibration, we amplify and strenghten our vision of expansion and joy.
Then, we take you on An Explorative Journey into DANCE, where you freely express whatever you want to express, through a flow of different tunes that sets you into motion. Ecstatic Dance is a nonverbal journey to openness and expression, where you dare to be you, gradually opening to your Original Exeptional Beautiful Self, with the courage to stand fully visible in the power of your personal expression. This dance session offers a collage of various music styles that invite you to vibrate in different landscapes and sensations. Starting softly and slowly increasing the energy; creating an atmosphere of connection where everybody feels free to dance, feel safe to explore, to be vulnerable or boldly couragious. All up to you !
As The dance music slow down , we invite you to come lying on your back, relaxing in a warm cosy space, and you will be led through a Sound Journey with essential oil fragrances, A Sound/ Vibration Meditation. Its a subtle slow journey of the senses, where you can open to the healing sounds that enters your cells. The Gongs and The Tuning forks has the ability to change the chemistry of your body. They affect us on a cellular level; Purifies the cells, alters the immune function, stresses down the nervous system and uplifts the spirit.. Through this experience we want to reconnect all the parts of us into One Focal Point of conscious awareness, via the senses. A Journey into You, feeling fully alive, Vibrating, Joyful, Content and Grateful for this Life we are given.
Its recommended to fast or eat lightly the day of the ceremony. Please wear loose comfy clothes, an open mind and a smile. We garantee you something extraordinary!

Thank you!